The Spadone Project

The Spadone Project is an Italian non-profit private research initiative focusing on historical sources and notions about Renaissance big two-handed swords.

If you are a greatswords passionate you ended up in the right place. The Spadone Project takes to heart historical research about Renaissance, baroque and late medieval two-handed swords, being them Italian spadone, Iberian montante, German Schlachtschwert, or any kind of other huge blade. Personally I do not use the Zweihänder neologism, but that’s it, if you like.

Bidenhänder, Beidenhänder, Beidenfeuster, espadon, espada de dos manos, spada a due mani, spadoncino… Choose your own favorite historical name, there is literally a world of anecdotes and mystery behind each one of them.

The Spadone Project collects and store methodically every historical written or iconographic source about these fascinating weapons. If you are looking for a specific woodcut print, a painting, a drawing or an actual original sword photo, it is highly probable that it is stored in TSP digital archive.

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The Spadone Project has a blog as well, where you can find interesting contents: HEMA tips, interviews and other greatsword related material. In particular, Mamma mia, spadone! is TSP special column dedicated to historical investigation.

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The Spadone Project makes cool free contents for hemaists, reenactors and history passionates. You can support it, helping bringing on research and new material: find out how you can help.