The Spadone Project has walked with its legs for a while, but time is never enough: sometimes, after a week of hard work at the office, getting all things done during weekends or by night is exhausting and this kind of work has costs as well.

There are written sources to catalogue and archive, new ones to be searched for and then transcribed, contextualized and translated; collecting iconographic sources and swords pictures; finding new museums and collections; keeping contacts with them to set stats collection sessions; keeping contacts with other researchers, answering followers and passionates, writing blog articles, translating them, updating my Facebook page, Instagram, Youtube and this website; studying and practicing fencing sources, taking notes…

There is much to do as you can read. If you are willing to support this project you can, there is more than one way to do so and I would be thankful to you.

In the near future I will publish here some suggestion and instructions that you can choose to follow.